European Consumer Centrer (ECC) Network

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Network) is an EU-wide institution, co-sponsored by the European Commission and national governments. Funding of the Network, on the EU side, is provided under the European programme for consumer policy, aiming to support the cooperation between member-states concerning information, advice and appeals in consumer protection matters.

The ECC-Network, in its present form, is a result of the merger of two previously existing consumer protection networks:

• The Network for the extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes (EEJ-Net), which was created following a Council Resolution of 25 May 2000 with a view to enable consumer complaints to be processed amicably.
• The Network of Euroguichets, which was created in the early 1990’s at the Commission’s initiative, in order to inform consumers about the possibilities of the internal market and their associated rights.

Merger of these two networks into the ECC-Network has been a logical consequence of the introduction of the euro and the rapid growth of e-commerce.