Complaint submission

Procedure for filling a complaint

Complaints are submitted by e-mail to the ECC-Net central e-mail address: ECCNET-GR@ec.europa.euIt is recommended to use the standard complaint form.

The investigation of a complaint commences, only if it is properly accompanied by the following data and documentation:

  • Full contact details of the consumer (name, e-mail and postal address, telephone).

  • Full contact details of the trader (name, e-mail and postal address).

  • Proof of transaction with the trader (receipt, order dispatch slip, proof of payment, etc.).

  • A brief, but clear description of the problem.

  • A clear and explicit request to be satisfied.

  • Evidence of previous written communication with the trader (eg copies of emails), showing that the consumer has exhausted every possibility to resolve the problem, prior to resorting to the ECC-Net for help.

  • A signed Power of Attorney, enabling ECC-Greece to take over the case. 

The ECC-Net is not competent to accept and handle complaints that:

  • Are pending before courts.

  • Include requests for satisfying moral damages.

  • Include requests for representation of the consumer in legal proceedings.

  • Relate to disputes between individuals or between traders or to complaints of traders against consumers.

  • Relate to disputes of consumers with traders based outside the EU, Norway, Iceland and UK.


  • Complaint form (word | openoffice)

  • Power of Attorney