What is ECC-Greece?

ECC-Greece is an official member of the European Consumer Centres Network of the European Commission, responsible for the out-of-court resolution of cross-border consumer disputes. It is a public body operating within the Greek Consumer Ombudsman and is co-funded by European funds.

Who can appeal to ECC-Greece?

Anyone who permanently resides in the country.

What cases can be handled by ECC-Greece?

ECC-Greece is competent for the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes between consumers residing in Greece and traders based in member-states of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland. ECC-Greece is not competent for domestic disputes, for which interested parties can appeal to the Greek Consumer Ombudsman. Also, ECC-Greece cannot handle disputes of consumers with traders outside the EU (eg USA, China, Canada, etc.).

What are the minimum requirements for filling a complaint?

There must be an established contractual relationship between the consumer and the trader (proven by a receipt of retail sale or bank payment, a copy of the contract or order, etc.). Also, there must be a proven record of prior unsuccessful attempts by the consumer to settle the dispute directly with the trader.

What are the basic services offered by ECC-Greece?

Besides the alternative (out-of-court) resolution of cross-border consumer disputes, ECC-Greece also assists consumers by providing information and advice in relation to their rights, so that they can carry out advantageous and safe transactions in the Single Market based on the currently applicable protective legislation.

What cases cannot be examined and/or handled by ECC-Greece?

Cases that: (a) are pending before courts, (b) concern requests in relation to moral damages, (c) concern requests for providing legal aid and support in court proceedings, (d) relate to disputes between individuals or between traders, (e) relate to complaints submitted by traders against consumers.

What is the cost of the appeal?

Mediation services of ECC-Greece and, in general, of the ECC-Network are offered absolutely free of charge.