Single Digital Gateway / ODR Platform

1. Single Digital Gateway

Regulation (EU) 2018/1724 establishes a Single Digital Gateway in order to provide access to information, to procedures, as well assistance and support to European citizens and businesses in case of problems relating to the exercise of their rights in the Single Market, while living or doing business in another European Union country.

Active involvement of ECC-Greece to the implementation of the objectives of the Single Digital Gateway concerns, particularly, the provision of information and guidance regarding the operation of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform, which is provided by the European Commission courtesy of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 with an aim to make online shopping safer and fairer for all through access to quality dispute resolution mechanisms/tools.

2. ODR Platform

The ODR Platform introduces an interactive multilingual website, offering a single-entry point to EU-based, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein consumers and traders seeking to resolve disputes from online transactions in an out-of-court manner, simply, efficiently, quickly and with low or no cost at all. The tool can be used to find the best solution in a consumer dispute, either by direct discussions between consumers and traders or by resorting to a qualified ADR body to mediate in the dispute.

Link to ODR Platform

2.1. ODR Contact Point

An ODR contact point is established in each member-state with an aim to provide support for the resolution of disputes through the ODR Platform. ODR contact points are there to provide assistance with the submission of complaints, guidance on consumer-protection law, as well as all necessary information on the functioning of the ODR Platform and other means of redress, if a dispute cannot be resolved through it.

The ODR Platform contains a list of contact points for all countries.

The ODR contact point for Greece is the national ECC, with the following contact details:

144 Alexandras Ave., 11471, Athens.

Tel: +30 2106460284


Web: via ODR platform

2.2. Traders' Obligations

Traders in EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein who are doing business online are obliged to include information in their websites about:

  • Their e-mail address.

  • The possibility to resolve consumer disputes through an ADR mechanism, providing also a link to the website of the ODR Platform.

2.3. How it works (Procedure of the ODR Platform)

Consumers can use the ODR Platform, if:

  • Reside in an EU country, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

  • The trader, with whom they have the dispute, is also based in an EU country, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

  • The complaint is about a good or service purchased online.

Consumers may use the ODR Platform in two ways:

A) Contact the trader in order to resolve the dispute directly

This option enables consumers to discuss a dispute directly with the trader and try to find a mutually accepted solution under the auspices of the ODR Platform. To start the procedure, consumers must first submit a formal request. The ODR Platform notifies the trader and if the consumer request becomes accepted, then the two parties can engage in direct discussions by exchanging messages and any other attachment (eg. product photos) associated with the dispute and even to schedule an online meeting.

The parties have 90 days to reach an agreement and are free to withdraw at any time. If agreement is not reached during the 90-day deadline, the case is closed in the Platform. The trader may also propose a list of ADR bodies to mediate in the dispute and the parties have 30 days to agree on which ADR body will it be. If agreement is not reached, then the case is closed on the Platform.

The consumer has, then, the following alternatives: (a) seek a solution with the help of an ADR body listed in the ODR Platform. In this case, the consumer will have an additional 30 days to agree with the trader on which ADR body can handle the dispute, (b) try an alternative dispute resolution tool (eg. ECC-Net).

B) Get an ADR body to resolve the dispute

Consumers can use the ODR Platform for the amicable settlement of disputes with the help of a qualified ADR body. To start the procedure, consumers must first submit a formal complaint. The ODR Platform notifies the trader and If he agrees to the use of the ODR process, then the two parties have 30 days to agree on which ADR body can handle their dispute. In case the parties are unable to agree on an ADR body or if the trader simply ignores the complaint, then the case is closed in the system and the consumer may seek an alternative dispute resolution tool (eg. ECC-Net).

2.4. ADR bodies

ADR bodies listed in the ODR platform offer impartial out-of-court settlement procedures and are qualified under Directive 2013/11/EU. Each ADR body employs its own rules and procedures.

ADR bodies in Greece

2.5. Legislation

2.6. Leaflet