Jurisdiction & Procedure

Consumers from EU member-states, Norway and Iceland facing a cross-border dispute in relation to products or services obtained from traders based in the EU (including Norway and Iceland) may refer to the European Consumer Centre operating in the member-state of their current residence.

Consumers who reside in Greece and wish to benefit from the mediation services of ECC-Greece may submit their respective complaints, in Greek or English, by completing and submitting on line the complaint form available here.

Consumers should always accompany their complaints with all corresponding proof and evidence (receipts, invoices, guarantees, copies of previous communication with the trader, etc.). Following this, ECC-Greece will be working closely with the ECC, where the trader is based, to resolve the problem.

Services to consumers are provided free of charge.

It is noted that ECC-Network is not competent to deal with:

• Disputes between traders (B2B disputes).
• Disputes between citizens and services or institutions of the public sector.
• Consumer disputes that do not have a cross-border dimension.
• Disputes that are being examined in courts.
• Compensation demands in relation to moral damages suffered.
• Disputes with traders based outside EU, Norway and Iceland.

Finally, ECC’s cannot impose sanctions, are not competent to provide technical assessment evaluations and they do not represent consumers in their cases before courts.