ECC-Net celebrates 15 years of cross-border consumer protection

What to do when your flight to Poland is cancelled? When the handbag you bought in Italy is damaged? When you are caught in a subscription trap? Since its creation, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) has assisted more than one million consumers with issues like these. In the context of COVID-19 outbreak alone, over 90,0000 consumers turned to ECC-Net for help. Today, the Network celebrates its 15th anniversary.

An online event with European Commissioner Didier Reynders will be an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the European consumer rights movement and discuss the way forward for effective consumer protection in Europe. The celebration occurs against the backdrop of a newly adopted Consumer Agenda, which outlines the Commission priorities in consumer policy for the coming five years. The event is a unique gathering of key stakeholders in the field bringing together senior officials from the European Commission, consumer representatives, enforcement authorities, young journalists, academics and more.

Commissioner Didier Reynders wishes ECC-Net a happy birthday by saying: “I am convinced that the European Consumer Centres Network with its practical support to consumers will remain in the future an essential feature of the Union’s consumer cooperation”.

Petra de Sutter, former IMCO chair and current Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, adds: “I can‘t help but support the work that the centres undertake on a daily basis. We as legislators can make as many regulations as we want to protect consumers. Nevertheless, consumers have to be aware of the existence of this protection”.

Website launch, report on 15 years of milestones and a look into the future

On the 21st of November, the Network launches its website where a report on 15 years of milestones and ECC Net achievements will be available. A chapter dedicated to the future sets out a vision for the network offering improved service to consumers in a digitalised world and striving to support and promote sustainable consumption.

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Online shop

Two consumers from Spain and Poland made online purchases with a total value of 376.34 euros and 567 euros, respectively, from a Greek store selling clothes,

Annual Report for 2023 of the European Consumer Centres Network

The Annual Report for 2023 of the European Consumer Centres Network has been published