Informative action on the rights of passengers in coastal transport.

The Independent Authority "Consumer Advocate" and the European Consumer Center of Greece are organizing an informational activity on the rights of passengers in coastal shipping and on the possibility of amicable, out-of-court resolution of domestic and cross-border consumer disputes.

The action will take place in the port of Piraeus, on July 11 , 2019, with the assistance of the Piraeus Port Authority. Executives of the "Consumer Advocate" and the European Consumer Center of Greece will inform passengers about their rights, as well as how they can claim them, by distributing informational material in Greek and English which is available online format on the website of the Consumer Ombudsman ( and the European Consumer Center of Greece (

The quick and successful mediation and resolution of consumer disputes contributes decisively towards strengthening the confidence of tourist consumers and, ultimately, towards upgrading the quality of Greek tourism. The informational action aims to inform passengers of their rights vis -à-vis suppliers such as cruise lines, travel agencies, car rental companies, tourist accommodation, hotels, and retail outlets as well as how they can claim them through simple and quick procedures , without any financial burden.

At the same time, throughout the action, at the offices of the Independent Authority "Consumer Advocate" and the European Consumer Center of Greece , consumers can be informed by the scientific staff about the most effective protection of their rights when they travel, as well as about with the ability to resolve domestic disputes or disputes with suppliers within the European Union, including Iceland and Norway.

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