New improved application of the Network of European Consumer Centres on consumer rights during the holidays.

The new improved mobile application – ECC Net Travel – is already available in 25 different languages ​​and 30 European countries and is intended to help consumers overcome the difficulties they may face during holiday periods.  

Unexpected situations during holidays abroad can ruin them and spoil our mood. For example, the prepaid rental car is no longer available, the hotel room is suddenly more expensive than the agreed price, or an unexpected accident occurs during vacation. Along with the above, different languages ​​can further complicate the situation. In addition, many consumers do not know their rights when traveling.

The new application of the Network of European Consumer Centers (ECC-Net) not only provides legal information, but also helps consumers to deal with stressful situations by having at their disposal through the application some suggestions in the language of the country of residence regarding the situation at hand. In addition, useful addresses and emergency phone numbers are available. The app is available in 25 European languages ​​and in all 28 EU countries, as well as in Iceland and Norway.

The app is available for free as “ECC-Net: Travel” on Google Play and the iTunes Store. You can download it from here

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