Press release: World Consumer Rights Day 2022

Best sustainable practices from all over Europe

Becoming the first climate neutral continent: This is the goal Europe has set itself and wants to achieve by 2050 with the help of the European Green Deal. Notably in consumer protection, the ambition is reflected in concrete initiatives.

But there are also numerous national and local actions for more environmental protection and sustainability. Some of them go beyond EU legislation or pursue particularly innovative approaches.

For World Consumer Rights Day on 15th of March, the ECC-Net puts the spotlight on these sustainable best practices from all over the continent.

In Greece the recycling of old large household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) is encouraged, when consumers buy new ones, through provision from the retailers with either a discount on the new product or a credit note to be redeemed in future purchases. Also, the so-called “green marketing” which is quite popular, aims to encourage consumers to buy products, for which companies return part of their revenue to environmental protection measures. Utility providers in the energy, water and telecommunications markets also offer a small reduction in monthly charges if consumers opt for the electronic instead of a printed bill version.

For more sustainable best practices in other countries, see the Press Release below.

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Covid-19 special measures

A UK consumer booked a hotel in Greece for the summer of 2020 (July) using the services of a popular website, but was forced later to cancel his reservation because of emergency measure